Low’s Lake Canoe & Fishing Trek – 07/27/14

totemFor this summer’s outing, the crew decided to do a five day canoe trek at Low’s Lake in the Adirondacks. We drove up in heavy rain, which cleared by the time we arrived at Sabattis. Upon arrival, we did our swim test and had our canoeing skill evaluated. We proceed to the Trek center and set up our tents for the night and checked out our gear for the trek. After the BBQ dinner we attended the opening campfire ceremony.

Monday morning we awoke to a steady rain which lasted the whole day. We portaged all our gear and canoes from the Trek Center to the waterfront, loaded up the canoes and headed to Bear Crossing where we set up camp for the night. After hanging the bear bag with our weeks worth of food and having lunch, we paddled towards the dam for a little fishing. Dan caught a small mouth bass and bought it back to camp, cleaned it, cooked it, and ate it, which was required to earn his fishing merit badge. The rain subsided around 8PM and we changed out of our soaked clothes and Dan and Matt (with the help of Andrew) started a fire which really “warmed” everyone’s spirits. Everyone went off to bed fairly early to warm up in their sleeping bags.

Tuesday morning we decided to do a light snack and break camp and paddle up to Lookout Point where we would set up camp for night two. By getting to Lookout point early, we could get all the equipment out and dry it off. Once camp was set, we had a “second breakfast” and headed out for a day of fishing around Gooseneck Island. Everyone had a good day fishing, but we didn’t get any keepers.

Wednesday we broke camp at Lookout Point and paddled further out the lake to Grass Pond and set up camp. After lunch we hiked to the ice caves where we where able to still find some ice from last winter. After returning to camp, we paddled out into the main lake and did some T rescues (required for the canoeing merit badge). We came back, dried off and had a leisurely dinner. After dinner we sat around the campfire playing scouting word games.
Thursday morning we broke camp once again and paddled out to Boone’s Landing where we would spend our final night. Upon arriving at Boone’s Landing a thunderstorm passed through. Fortunately we where able to get our tents and dining fly set up before the rain became heavy. After the thunderstorm passed we went out for some afternoon fishing which yielded a keeper for Blake. Once back at camp he cleaned, cooked, and ate it. We spent the last night on the lake around the campfire and then went to the landing rock to enjoy the star filled sky before heading off to bed.

Friday morning, after breakfast we broke camp for the final time and head back to the Trip Center. A stop was made along the way at Pole Island for some swimming and solo canoe practice. Dan was able to accomplish the solo canoe merit badge requirements before the wind picked up and prevented others from completing. After Pole Island, we continued back to the Trip Center where we unloaded all our gear and portaged the canoes and gear back to the Trek Center. Although we ate well on the trek, lunch of bacon cheeseburgers and ice cream sandwiches was truly enjoyed by all. After lunch, Blake and Jake went back to the Trip Center to demonstrate their solo canoe skills and both met the requirements for the canoe merit badge. After a week of setting up and taking down tents everyday, the boys decided they would rather head home on Friday night (and eat at Golden Corral) then spend the night at the Trek center.

Although the weather was not on our side at the beginning of the week, everyone had a great time and fully enjoyed being out in the wilderness away from civilization. Until next year……

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