Backpacking trip – Hemlock, Spruce & Fir Mountains

2013-10-12 12.51.49We couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend for a backpack trip. We left Saturday morning from the Slide Mountain parking area and bushwacked our way to the peak of Hemlock Mountain. It was quite a steep climb and carrying full packs made it quite the challenge. It was a slow climb as we weaved through the underbrush and rock formations. Once to the top, we found a good spot to set up our tents and hammocks as well as prepared a spot for our fire. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and enjoying the great day.

Clouds rolled in in the evening, so the stars and moon were not visible, and it was quite dark. The clouds did help prevent it from getting too cold overnight and everyone got a good relaxing nights rest. The next morning we were awakened by a barred owl who stopped by our camp for a few hoots before moving on.

After a breakfast of pancakes, we left camp and headed for the peak of Spruce mountain and then to Fir Mountain. After signing the canister on Fir and a short rest, we bushwacked our way back to camp. Once back at camp we had a late lunch, broke camp, and headed back down to the parking area. Everyone was pretty exhausted, but spirits remained high as it turned out to be a great weekend and we knocked off another Catskill 3500.



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